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  Describe an educational TV program.

  You should say:

  what the program is

  what type of program it is

  what contents it has

  and explain what you learned from the program.

  I’d like to talk about a program from my childhood called “How 2”, I believe it’s originally a British TV show that was televised in my country with subtitles. The presenters certainly spoke with a British accent.

  It’s hard to pin down exactly what type of program it was, I guess a mixture of science and history, with some everyday facts thrown in for good measure. The title itself is a play on words, as the series would show you ‘how to’ do certain things.

  The show is aimed at kids in middle school or high school. The hosts would routinely do experiments to demonstrate science in action, I remember one in particular where the presenters were trying to pour water out of a bottle in the quickest way possible. The winner had a very good technique whereby she would swirl the water, creating a vortex and causing the liquid to fly out of the bottle far quicker than any of the others’.

  As you would expect, the show got me interested in science and learning, but it also showed that you could do many experiments yourself and have fun at home, with everyday objects and materials that were easy to get hold of. At school we would need equipment and the teacher would have to supervise us, but at home we could be left to our own devices, with just a bottle and some water to keep us amused.




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