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  Describe a film you enjoyed.

  You should say:

  what the film is

  when and where you watched

  what it is about

  and explain why you enjoyed it.

  I’m not a regular cinema-goer, I prefer the comfort and convenience of watching movies in my own home, where I can download them and view them on my TV. However, occasionally there is a film that I feel I must watch on the big screen, the most recent of which was Transformers 4: Age of Extinction.

  It’s the newest film in the Transformers franchise, which is based on old toys that were made in the ‘80s. They tell the story of massive robots that can transform into different machines, like tanks or fire trucks, and fight battles on Earth. In this instalment, evil robots that look like dinosaurs, called Dinobots, battle it out against the good robots, called Autobots.

  The film was released in the summer of 2014, the time of the year when a lot of big blockbusters are brought out because it’s the school holidays, so they can make more money. I chose to watch the film in a 3D IMAX cinema. Nothing beats the experience of seeing a big budget movie on a huge screen, with the characters popping out at you. The sound system at the cinema is also amazing, with surround sound making you feel like you’re in the centre of the action.

  Although the story wasn’t all that great, I loved the action sequences and the special effects. Some of the film was also shot in China and the Chinese actress Li BingBing made an appearance, so even though it was a Hollywood movie, I could relate to it more easily.




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