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  “Some first-year college students do not have good study hobits.Some people believe that colleges should provide all of the first-year students with a required course to develop their good study habits.Other people believe that providing this course is unnecessary.

  What is your opinion and why? ”





  Freshmen are not yet college students. In fact, they are more of high schoolers, whose initiative and other good study habits are not yet properly developed, and the first year in college is an extension of their high school, therefore. This is largely why first-year college students need a compulsory course through which they learn to develop good behavior in study.

  【诸位一定很快就想到The first个理由】 To be specific, the course is to develop thedesired habits, hoping that students learn effectively. 【于是,展开略】

  Second, 【这个理由,诸位很可能想不到】 this is todistinguish promising students from students whose academic pursuit would eventually end up with mediocrity or failure. Why? The course is not only to teach what the good habits are and in what ways they can befostered but also to find the students’ potential in actually developing those habits. The course may even track students to their academic activities and learning behavior to check whether students successfully develop the habits. For example, one of the good habits in study is planning and making a schedule. The course will identify those who are able to institute a good plan and, in the next step, to successfullyexecute it, and inform their faculties that these students are highly likely to have a bright academic future. Accordingly, those who cannot even make a proper plan and those who do not have the resolution orpersistence to implement the plan will meanwhile be noticed and deemedto be failure-prone.

  At this point, we should not doubt that students need the course that fosters their good study habits. The course is also necessary for the faculties.





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