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HOME-富勒姆转会懂球帝 www.cy8d.cn  Do you agree or disagree with the statement?It is a waste of money for government to fund space travel or exploration of space.


  Humans’ expedition into outer space is at its all-time high. While some people celebrate the exploit, those government-funded space programs are put under scrutiny, and the utility of them is found dubious among other people. Unfortunately, these doubts either see the thing through a narrow lens or see it with a short sight. 【either … or … 结构以及“平行原则”】

  First, although space projects cost astronomical sums of money, theyield can be more tremendous. 【← 中心句】 Data collected from space are analyzed and used to guide a wide range of human activities. For example, weather forecast, which people take for granted, depends on meteorological analysis of those data. Without accurate predictions of weather【含蓄“虚拟”】, many production activities, farming, construction, and some manufacturing projects, would not be as successfully conducted as they are now 【“虚拟”结果】. In addition, humans have launched a number of manmade satellites to identify and locate stars. Knowing the precise celestial positions of the neighboring stars, humans are now able to understand the magnetic field the Earth is in and to monitor changes that would impact our habitat planet. 【动词分词作为“状语”时,注意逻辑主语和主句主语的一致】 As a result, potential natural disasters on the Earth have become foreseeable and the consequent losses that humans used to suffer from have becomeevitable. In light of the two cases alone, the enormous investment in humans’ probing space prevents losses, which would otherwise bemassive without guidance from outside our planet【含蓄“虚拟”】.

  Second, space travel to seek other habitable planets is no longer a dream; instead, it may be an urgent need in the foreseeable future. 【← 中心句】This is another reason why space programs are by no means a waste of money. When the Earth’s resources are depleted to a certain point, 【时间点不确切的时间状语从句,尤其在这个语境里要区别于if引起的条件状语从句】 humans and many other creatures will have to relocate. Today’s space exploration therefore also serves to find that livable planet. It is not a matter of money but of survival and prospects【not … but … 结构以及“平行原则”】, and therefore the worth of it cannot be measured by its cost.

  As this huge undertaking cannot be done successfully and responsibly by individual citizens or organizations, governments certainly have a responsibility to fund it. And considering the aforementioned benefits, which are only two of the many, the expense of money on space projects is not wasteful at all.




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