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出国英语考试有哪些 雅思6.5是什么水平 雅思阅读评分标准 托福阅读评分标准 雅思和托福的区别

  金庸的武侠小说是融合艺术幻想,历史,和浪漫的必读读物,世界上最著名的中国作家金庸去世了,各界人士为这位文学巨匠送上哀悼。金庸的故事呈现了一个刀光剑影的江湖,在这里大侠们怀揣一身正气和神奇华丽的绝技,游走于中华大地上。迷恋金庸的小说,不仅仅是刀光剑影的侠骨,更是不离不弃的万仗柔情。本期的三分钟学雅思,就让我们一起结合这道The latest的雅思口语话题:“Describe the last book you read.”来一起学习如何用英文来描述金庸小说中的江湖吧。


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  Describe the last book you read.

  You should say:

  What type of book it was

  What it was about

  Where you read it

  And how you felt about the book.


  Well, one of the legendary Chinese authors Jinyong passed away at 94 after a long illness, he sold 300 million martial arts novels. His best known series of books was The Legends of the Condor Heroes. I was just reading this a few months back, and I got completely immersed by theglittering martial arts fantasy, history, and romance he described.

  Most of his stories were set in warlike society where martial artistsroamed China, trading blows and upholding honor. Reading about knights who test their martial-arts mettle with sparring matches in roadside ale-houses and princesses with dark secrets who moonlight as assassins. These characters travel through the Jianghu, which metaphorically refers to an alluvial underworld of hucksters and heroes beyond the reach of the imperial government. His novels are largely known through the film and TV and video game adaptations. But for me the original books still retain a powerful hold on the imagination.



  外教教你读本期关键词来自新航道3分钟学雅思00:0000:151. martial arts novels 武侠小说

  2. glitter n. 刀光剑影

  3. roam v./n. 漫步;漫游

  4. assassins n. 刺客

  5. metaphorically refers to比喻为,隐喻为

  6. alluvial underworld 聚集的另一面的社会

  7. hucksters n. 叫卖的小商贩;讨价还价